A copyeditor working to polish a manuscript before it goes live.


Piper Editorial collaborates with you through every step of a project, from creation to launch. We offer a variety of services to take your product or publication to the next level.

If your artificial intelligence has something to say, Piper content creators will help you find the right words. We combine our experience in AI projects with old-fashioned writing and editing skills to make the artificial feel natural.

Piper content writers and editors are consistently recognized as being among the best in publishing. We research, write, organize, and edit content and art for digital, print, and interactive products and form long-lasting author relationships.

Our instructors have deep content knowledge in a variety of academic subjects and can help ensure your products are accurate and up-to-date.

We polish manuscripts for consistency, accuracy, and clarity, so nothing distracts from your message.

Piper project managers are true team players. They help you keep complex projects moving forward efficiently, on time, and under budget so you can focus on other things.  

We craft high-impact, engaging copy that connects with your audience and gets results.

The instructional design team works to ensure your content is presented effectively and aligns with how your audience learns and retains information.

Our assessment writers create high-quality, curriculum-based assessments that effectively measure student mastery, aligning to all levels of Bloom’s taxonomy.