Client Feedback

What Our Clients Are Saying

"I've enjoyed working with the team at Piper for ten months on a wide-scale, multi-disciplinary project creating and launching artificial intelligence (AI) content. Mary and her team at Piper are exceptional problem-solvers, contributors, and visionaries. Throughout all stages of content development, the Piper team has provided thoughtful input, valuable analysis and also clear and focused communication. Piper has delivered high-quality content and good humor at every stage of a demanding project with many unforeseen challenges.

Piper worked tirelessly to turn complex and cloudy requirements into clear, polished and market-ready deliverables. I recommend Piper for any AI project. The whole team excels at managing and directing content creation for complex and evolving requirements."
– Senior Content Development Specialist

"I have had the extraordinary good fortune to work with Mary Piper Hansen and her team for a few years now. In some ways, it is difficult to express how phenomenal this team really is! As an editor and a manager, Mary is unfailingly positive, professional, and conscientious. Her work is flawless and her collaborative spirit makes her a joy to spend time with. She has helped me and my authors create some incredible educational products that will truly engage students. In addition, every single editor that Mary has connected us with has been not just good at their work, but exceptional. When I am looking for an experienced, imaginative and intelligent editor, I always think of Piper Editorial Consulting."
– Senior Acquisitions Editor

Clients in educational publishing continue to be impressed with Piper’s digital and interactive content.

"I have had the great pleasure of working with Mary Piper Hansen and her top-notch team during the past two years. We have been working diligently on our new digital products, which come with a multitude of tasks and moving pieces. Mary and her team have been very quick to learn these new tasks and systems, and they are always willing to step in quickly when a crisis arises. They are very responsive...I have never had to wait for information. When a delivery date is agreed upon, it is met. Mary has been my go-to person for many projects when I needed assistance in getting all of those moving pieces completed. Many thanks!"
– Program Manager

"This past Fall, I had the pleasure of working with three development editors who work in Mary Hansen's Piper group. I was brought in to manage mid-project and after the first conversation with each of the editors, I knew everything was going to be just fine. They had it all under control and tackled problems that came along with optimism, professionalism, and even humor. They were completely unflappable and all of the projects will be the best they can be because of these editors. I just can’t rave enough about Mary and the Piper group."
– Sponsoring Editor

"Working with Mary is a pleasure. She was hired by Pearson to be our development editor on an introductory social-psychology textbook, an enterprise that requires attention to roughly one million elements at any one time, and she was consistently efficient, competent, organized, and helpful, able and ready to solve problems and glitches promptly and carefully. But the pleasure part stems from her warm personality and witty sense of humor, which made working with her through the long editorial process a delight from start to finish."
– Senior Program Manager

A copywriter creating engaging and effective content to the specifications you provide.

“We asked Mary to help us find a copywriter who could write compelling headlines and display type for our monthly e-newsletter. Together we identified the perfect writer on her team who delivers great copy on deadline. The Piper team’s creativity and expertise have helped us save time and money, and we continue to get great open rates and engagement on our e-newsletter.”
– Content Strategist

"I can't say enough great things about Piper Editorial Consulting! Mary and her team of writers consistently deliver high-quality work – they write lively, engaging copy, are good at making deadlines, and are quick to pick up new processes and frameworks. On top of it all, they're truly a pleasure to work with. I look forward to a long relationship with the Piper team!"
– Head Content Strategist and Editor-in-Chief

“Mary Piper Hansen and her team consistently return quality work on-time and to specification without hesitating to go above and beyond to make it happen. However, the true reasons I continue to work with Mary on a regular basis are her upfront honesty regarding prospective projects and what will or will not be done, her consistent communication regarding status without clogging the inbox, and the true pleasure it is to work with a friendly but consummate professional. With Mary Piper Hansen you always know what to expect, when to expect it, and that you will receive it with a smile.”
– Senior Digital Media Editor

Authors and subject matter experts can rest easier with a strong team supporting their work.

"Mary Piper Hansen managed a very complicated project for me, and I couldn't have been happier with the results. The quality of her writing and the amount of effort put in far surpassed other editors I have worked with on similar projects. It is difficult to find anyone as detailed and thorough as Mary! Even better – she's fun to work with and takes deadlines seriously."
– Senior Media Editor

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mary on a number of copyediting projects, and I’ve been thoroughly impressed with her work. Her attention to detail, her conscientiousness about meeting deadlines, her flexibility with rolling project requirements, and her effervescent cheerfulness have all contributed significantly to the quality and ease of our projects. I would highly recommend adding Mary to the top of your list of editorial freelancers. She’s at the top of mine.”
– Editorial Services Coordinator

“I had the pleasure of working with Mary on a complex project for biological psychology. This was uncharted territory for our group and was a true learning experience. Mary's work on this project was essential to us completing our goals. With her attention to detail, careful analysis, thoughtful suggestions, and organized workflow we were able to take complex physiological animation scripts and turn them into final products that were easy to understand (and produce), and relatable to students. Personally, Mary is wonderful to work with. She is super adaptable to changing budgets and personalities on a project and always remains calm, positive, and professional. I can't thank her enough for the time and effort she provided for our project. I could tell she truly cared about how the final product came out and what its effect would be on learners. I look forward to working with her on other projects in the future."
– Digital Product Manager